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The city of Bacolod, dubbed as the city of smile has another reason to smile again—they can now enjoy the healthy miracle of Alkaline Water.


In a survey done by a prestigious magazine, the mid sized city with half a million population actually gains the top spot as the “Best Place to live in the Philippines” and they have just cemented their place now that Alkaline Water is just about to shower the city of smiles with good health as well.

Alkaline water has captured the loyalty of many renowned health experts worldwide with its proven healthy benefits to the body. Unlike purified, distilled or any other water which has limited or no minerals, Alkaline water is the most advanced form of water today with its powerful anti-oxidant properties and its capacity to counteract the body’s acidity level as well.

Alkaline water is therefore the best choice in filling up the 70% water requirement of the body daily.
Research has even concluded that drinking alkaline water in only 2 weeks can purify the body’s toxins that have accumulated over a person’s lifetime. With this, claims of Alkaline water preventing even the most grave of diseases like diabetes and cancer have already been widespread.

Bacolod, despite being a highly urbanized city currently does not have the healthiest source of drinking water.
Most of the resident’s water comes from the popular coin-based water station or locally referred to as the Automatic Tubig Machine. Another major source is called Deep Well which is yellowish in color and may sometimes bear an unpleasant smell or water from BACIWA, the local water provider.

The above mentioned deep well water may contain high amounts of Zinc and Manganese which can be dangerous when consumed for a prolonged period of time; Moreover, the pH level of this water range from 6.0-6.5 which gives room to an acidic state of body thereby entertaining a host of illnesses.

The soon to open Natural Alkaline Water Station will make use of Stainless Alkaline Water Processor (SAP 2500) from Ingen Solutions.

Ingen Solutions is a trusted company with over 5 decades of combined expertise in water purification and transformation. It is the proud innovator of the SAP 2500 which boasts of being the only eco-friendly machine in the country with its zero water waste process and low energy consumption along with affordability and high quality.

With the promises of Alkaline Water soon to conquer Bacolod, it’s only a matter of time when the city of smiles becomes a city of wellness as well.


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