Shining with big lanterns, beaming with great food and now the best water? Porac, is on a streak of luck.

The 1st class municipality in Pampanga is about to experience 1st class water too as it welcomes Natural Alkaline Water in its shores.

Porac is actually the biggest town in Pampanga, home to an estimated 103,000 people. While the town is known for its scenic rivers, adventurous volcano slopes and fantastic water falls, its drinking water source has never been this perfect, until now.

Natural Alkaline Water can do great wonders for the people of town, even its neighboring municipalities in Pampanga as its anti-oxidant, disease-preventing properties is just what the town needs to further make this destination not just a food capital but a source of great water as well.

The brain behind this new development is none other than Ingen Solutions Inc., a trusted and experienced supplier of quality water systems. It is the only company in the country to distribute SAP 2500, the eco-friendly, energy-saving machine that is ideal for households and business establishments as well. One of its advantages is that it comes with a fair price compared with other water-alkalizing and purifying devices.

This makes it the perfect machine for those interested in owning a water station with just the lowest investment. That’s exactly what the owner of the soon-to-rise Natural Alkaline water station had in mind in Porac and the fast-rising number of critical owners too nationwide. After all, Natural Alkaline Water, with its miraculous wellness formula can not be kept a secret for a long time.

Pampanga has been established as the Culinary Center of the Philippines; soon that great food comes along with a great refreshing healthy drink as well.